If it ain’t broke…


Well, it worked the first time so I thought I’d experiment with different fabrics. My second attempt at this pattern was with a much thicker, tweed-like fabric in a dark grey with blue and pink flecks ( see middle). I purchased it from my local fabric shop ‘Green Ginger’ in Altrincham. The thicker fabric gave this a much stiffer, more dressy feel, which I was really pleased with.



It’s a pretty versatile colour, which is pretty easy to wear, but because the fabric’s so thick it makes me look huge unless I pair it with something fitting, especially around the waist. It can be a bit itchy  too, but thick tights and again, that under slip (!) correct that pretty easily.



Black top Hobbs, black cardigan with lace Oasis

And lastly an animal-type grey and blue fabric I picked up at Aberkhans in Chester. It’s only since photographing all three of these together that I’ve realised this last version is an inch or so longer than the others, possibly why I haven’t worn it so much. Being pretty short, I really need skirts to fall on, or preferably just above, the knee otherwise I tend to look a little on the ‘dumpy’ side unless I wear long boots, which haven’t felt quite right this season. Maybe I should just shorten it?

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