My First Sew

My first solo sew, outside of my beginners’ lessons, was this very simple skirt taken from ‘Sew Over It’ by Lisa Comfort, featured in the October 20012 issue of ‘Sew Home’ magazine. It took me the best part of a day to complete, (we’re talking complete beginners here…) but was the perfect pattern to begin with. The small, ditsy, floral print (from my local fabric shop) was perfect and the drape seemed to fit the style perfectly. It also happened to suit my somewhat, short frame perfectly, proving pretty easy to style. It was, however a little on the sheer side, so I had to wait until I’d purchased a suitable under slip ( I guess I’d make a lining now, but didn’t think to at the time and isn’t the word ‘under slip’ somewhat archaic these days?) from good ole M and S to make it decent enough to wear to work.

On its first outing it received several admiring comments! Always my judgement of a successful garment :-). One colleague even suggested that I could sell them, she clearly hadn’t looked up close at my too big hem and somewhat wonky stitching, but I was suitably chuffed. I’ve worn it loads since so it was a pretty perfect start. My only slight niggle with it, is that the waistband tends to ‘roll’ slightly. There’s probably a solution to this, but it’s pretty easy to unroll and doesn’t bother me too much.


My First Sew

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